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Definition of elephantipes

"elephantipes" is probably misspelled. Trying elephant instead Definition of elephant

1. elephant [ n ] five-toed pachyderm

Used in print:

(Musical America, LXXXI:5...)

Meager and shabby by-products linger to haunt our memories of a once mighty protagonist ; a maladroit reharmonization of our National_Anthem ( The Star-Spangled_Banner ) ; a poor attempt to write an idiomatic jazz concerto ; a circus polka for elephants ; his hopes that the tunes from his old music might be used for popular American commercial songs !

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

The Prince visited the hospital of Operation Brotherhood , supported by the Junior_Chamber_of_Commerce of the Philippines , and fed rice to two pet elephants he kept at his residence at Pak_Song .

(A.L. Kroeber, "Semantic Contribution of Lexicostatistic...)

An elephant or a fox or a swan or a cocopalm or a banana possess in unusually high degree this quality of obvious , common-sense , indubitable identity , as do an eye or tooth or nail .

Synonyms elephant Related Terms proboscidean Indian_elephant rogue_elephant African_elephant mammoth gomphothere Elephantidae

2. elephant [ n ] the symbol of the Republican Party; introduced in cartoons by Thomas Nast in 1874

Synonyms elephant Related Terms emblem

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