1. [ noun ] a person who is older than you are
Synonyms: senior
Related terms: adult doyenne dean
2. [ adjective ] used of the older of two persons of the same name especially used to distinguish a father from his son
Synonyms: older sr.

"Bill Adams, Sr."

Related terms: senior
3. [ adjective ] older brother or sister
Synonyms: big older

"big sister"

Related terms: little
4. [ noun ] (botany) any of numerous shrubs or small trees of temperate and subtropical northern hemisphere having white flowers and berrylike fruit
Synonyms: elderberry_bush
Related terms: shrub American_elder dwarf_elder bourtree American_red_elder European_red_elder blue_elder Sambucus
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 1005
6. [ noun ] (work) any of various church officers
Related terms: church_officer presbyter
Similar spelling:   Elders