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Definition of edicate

"edicate" is probably misspelled. Trying educate instead Definition of educate

1. educate [ v ] give an education to
Examples: "We must educate our youngsters better"

Used in print:

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

Just because Cheddi_Jagan , new boss of British_Guiana , was educated in the United_States is no reason to think he is n't a Red .


Jemela ( surname : Gerby ) , 23 , seems Hong_Kong Oriental but has a Spanish father and an Indian mother , was_born in America and educated at Holy_Cross_Academy and Textile High_School , says she learned belly_dancing at family picnics .

(Kenneth Underwood and Elden Jacobsen, "Probing the...)

These men - for_the_most_part educated in our `` best '' New_England colleges , well established financially and socially in the community - under kindly but insistent probing , reveal little or no objective or explicit criteria or data for their generalizations about the interests and attitudes of the people they claim to serve , or about the public responses that actually follow their occasional breach of a `` client-service relationship '' .

(Sexology, 28:1...)

Whereas persons of eighth grade education or less were more apt to avoid or be shocked by nudity , those educated beyond the eighth grade increasingly welcomed and approved nudity in sexual_relations .

Synonyms educate Related Terms better prepare school co-educate socialize student education educator

2. educate [ v ] create by training and teaching
Examples: "The old master is training world-class violinists "we develop the leaders for the future"

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

Educate the city employes to give real service to the public .

(Covered Bridge Topics, XIX:2...)

As Mr._Palmer was educated to house-building only , and had never seen a structure of_this nature ; he certainly deserves not a_little credit for the invention '' .

(Dale L. Womble, "Functional Marriage Course...)

With this evidence in mind , the writer began to plan how he might more effectively educate the married students in his functional classes .

Synonyms train develop educate prepare Related Terms teach drill housebreak retrain toilet-train develop train prepare training education education education trainee trainer train

3. educate [ v ] train to be discriminative; as of taste or judgment
Examples: "Cultivate your musical taste" "Train your tastebuds" "She is well schooled in poetry"

Used in print:

(Anita Loos, No Mother to Guide Her....)

Mother even went so_far as to trump_up for me matrimonial opportunities with Pasadena debs who had been educated abroad , and with those of the more lenient Los_Angeles area where a debutante was a girl who had been to high_school .

Synonyms educate train cultivate civilize civilise school Related Terms polish gloss sophisticate education civilisation

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