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Definition of dum

"dum" is probably misspelled. Trying dummy instead Definition of dummy

1. dummy [ n ] a figure representing the human form

Synonyms dummy Related Terms figure ventriloquist's_dummy mannequin lay_figure

2. dummy [ n ] an ignorant or foolish person

Synonyms booby dummy boob dope pinhead dumbbell Related Terms simpleton sin

3. dummy [ n ] a person who does not talk

Synonyms silent_person dummy Related Terms mute

4. dummy [ v ] make a dummy of; as of books or pages to be published

Synonyms dummy_up dummy Related Terms produce

5. dummy [ a ] having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function
Examples: "a dummy corporation"

Synonyms dummy Related Terms artificial

6. dummy [ n ] a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet

Synonyms dummy blank_shell blank Related Terms cartridge

Rhymes with

dumb edam adam sedum madam sodom earldom modem madame saddam tandem condom freedom random dukedom fiefdom wisdom seldom boredom kingdom sheikdom stardom addendum macadam corundum referendum carborundum christendom martyrdom memorandum officialdom subkingdom

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