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Definition of drole

"drole" is probably misspelled. Trying drool instead Definition of drool

1. drool [ n ] pretentious or silly talk or writing

Synonyms boloney bilgewater bosh drool humbug taradiddle tarradiddle tommyrot tosh twaddle baloney Related Terms nonsense cant

2. drool [ v ] let saliva drivel from the mouth
Examples: "The baby drooled"

Synonyms slaver drool slabber slobber dribble drivel Related Terms salivate drool_over drool_over dribbler

3. drool [ v ] be envious, desire, or extremely happy about something
Examples: "She was salivating over the raise she anticipated"

Synonyms salivate drool Related Terms covet

4. drool [ n ] saliva spilling from the mouth

Synonyms dribble drivel slobber drool Related Terms saliva drivel

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