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Definition of divestment

"divestment" is probably misspelled. Trying divest instead Definition of divest

1. divest [ v ] take away possessions from someone
Examples: "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets"

Used in print:

The editorial concerned legislative proposals to ease the tax burden on du_Pont stockholders , in connection with the United_States Supreme_court ruling that du_Pont must divest itself of its extensive General Motors stock holdings .

Synonyms strip deprive divest dispossess Related Terms take disarm clean expropriate unclothe unsex orphan bereave dispossess clean_out divestiture

2. divest [ v ] remove (someone's or one's own) clothes
Examples: "The nurse quickly undressed the accident victim" "She divested herself of her outdoor clothes" "He disinvested himself of his garments"

Synonyms undress disinvest divest strip Related Terms remove undress

3. divest [ v ] deprive of status or authority
Examples: "he was divested of his rights and his title" "They disinvested themselves of their rights"

Synonyms disinvest divest Related Terms invest free defrock dethrone

4. divest [ v ] reduce or dispose of; cease to hold (an investment)
Examples: "The company decided to divest" "the board of trustees divested $20 million in real estate property" "There was pressure on the university to disinvest in South Africa"

Synonyms disinvest divest Related Terms invest withdraw disinvestment

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