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Definition of div

"div" is probably misspelled. Trying dive instead Definition of dive

1. dive [ v ] drop steeply
Examples: "the stock market plunged"

Used in print:

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

Billy_Gardner 's line_double , which just eluded the diving Minnie_Minoso in left_field , drove_in Jim_Lemon with the winning run with two out in the last of the ninth to give the Minnesota_Twins a 6 - 5 victory over the Chicago_White_Sox Monday .

(Octavia Waldo, A Cup of the Sun....)

Or the surging whirling sounds of bats at night , when their black bodies dived into the blackness above and below the amber street_lights .

Synonyms plunge dive plunk Related Terms descend duck crash-dive sky_dive nosedive power-dive plunge

2. dive [ n ] a cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall

Used in print:

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

Dives , carefully repaired huts , and nicely painted and ornamented cottages were jumbled together cheek_by_jowl with little distinction .

Synonyms dive honkytonk Related Terms cabaret

3. dive [ n ] a headlong plunge into water

Used in print:

(Donald J. Plantz, Sweeney Squadron....)

Like a man making a deep dive , Greg took full breath and plunged back into the valley .

Synonyms dive diving Related Terms swimming half_gainer cliff_diving gainer jackknife swan_dive flip belly_flop

4. dive [ v ] plunge into water
Examples: "I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool"

Used in print:

(Richard S. Prather, "The Bawdy Beautiful," Cavalier...)

The water in Thor 's big swimming_pool had been covered with a blanket of thick , foamy soapsuds - fashioned , of_course , from ZING - Joyce had dived from the board into the pool , then swirled and cavorted in her luxurious `` bath '' while cameras rolled .

Synonyms dive Related Terms submerge belly-flop jackknife water_sport

5. dive [ v ] swim under water
Examples: "the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells"

Synonyms dive Related Terms swim snorkel skin-dive diver

6. dive [ n ] a steep nose-down descent by an aircraft

Synonyms nose_dive dive Related Terms descent power_dive

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