1. [ verb ] spend frivolously and unwisely
Synonyms: fritter frivol_away fritter_away fool fool_away shoot

"Fritter away one's inheritance"

Related terms: consume consume
2. [ verb ] to cause to separate and go in different directions, of crowds, for example
Synonyms: scatter break_up disperse dispel

"She waved her hand and scattered the crows."

Related terms: separate disband dispersion scatter scatter dissipation
3. [ verb ] move away from each other
Synonyms: scatter spread_out disperse

"The crowds dispersed" "The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached";

Related terms: separate break aerosolise aerosolize volley scatter dispersion dissipation
4. [ verb ] live a life or pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption
Related terms: live profligacy
Similar spelling:   dissipated