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Definition of dissapointment

"dissapointment" is probably misspelled. Trying disappointment instead Definition of disappointment

1. disappointment [ n ] a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized
Examples: "his hopes were so high he was doomed to disappointment"

Used in print:

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

The belief in immortality , where held , functions as a redress for the ills and disappointments of the here_and_now .

(Guy Bolton, The Olympians....)

Only Mary 's praise sustained him in his disappointment .

(Frieda Arkin, "The Light of the Sea," in The...)

Meeting it without preparation as they did , robbed of anticipation , a common disappointment seized them .

Synonyms disappointment letdown Related Terms dissatisfaction frustration disappoint

2. disappointment [ n ] an act (or failure to act) that disappoints someone

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

Despite countless barriers and disappointments , Shea moved forward .

Synonyms disappointment dashing_hopes disappointing Related Terms failure disappoint

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