1. [ adjective ] morally unacceptable
Synonyms: dishonorable

"the dishonorable conduct of trusted men"

Related terms: ignoble
2. [ adjective ] not adhering to ethical or moral principles
Synonyms: immoral dishonorable unethical base

"base and unpatriotic motives" "a base, degrading way of life" "cheating is dishonorable" "they considered colonialism immoral" "unethical practices in handling public funds"

Related terms: wrong
3. [ adjective ] lacking honor or integrity; deserving dishonor
Synonyms: dishonorable

"dishonorable in thought and deed" "a dishonorable discharge"

Related terms: honorable black debasing shabby unprincipled yellow dishonest unworthy ignoble disreputable unjust inglorious honorableness
Similar spelling:   dishonorable