1. [ noun ] a transparent piece of diamond that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem
Related terms: jewel ice
2. [ noun ] (chemistry) very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem
Synonyms: adamant
Related terms: carbon transparent_gem carbonado
3. [ noun ] (baseball,geography) the area of a baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases and home plate
Synonyms: infield baseball_diamond
Related terms: outfield tract ball_field mound batter's_box short base baseball
4. [ noun ] (cards) a playing card in the minor suit of diamonds
Related terms: playing_card minor_suit
5. [ noun ] Woman's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 2283
6. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 1648
7. [ noun ] (baseball,geography) the baseball playing field
Synonyms: ball_field baseball_field
Related terms: playing_field ballpark baseball_diamond box outfield foul_line
Similar spelling:   Dimond