1. [ noun ] plundering with excessive damage and destruction
Synonyms: ravaging
Related terms: plundering lay_waste_to
2. [ noun ] an event that results in total destruction
Synonyms: desolation
Related terms: ruin lay_waste_to
3. [ noun ] the state of being decayed or destroyed
Synonyms: ruin desolation
Related terms: deterioration ruin blight lay_waste_to
4. [ noun ] the feeling of being counfounded or overwhelmed

"her departure left him in utter devastation"

Related terms: feeling devastate
5. [ noun ] termination by an act of destruction
Synonyms: destruction
Related terms: termination annihilation holocaust sabotage extermination disaster kill vandalism self-destruction neutralisation razing laying_waste demolition spoliation decimation lay_waste_to
Similar spelling:   devastating