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Definition of desent

"desent" is probably misspelled. Trying decent instead Definition of decent

1. decent [ a ] socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous
Examples: "from a decent family" "a nice girl"

Used in print:

(Bruce Palmer, "My Brother's Keeper", Many Are...)

At_least the Union officer had been decent enough to provide a candle .

Synonyms nice decent Related Terms respectable

2. decent [ a ] according with custom or propriety
Examples: "her becoming modesty" "comely behavior" "it is not comme il faut for a gentleman to be constantly asking for money" "a decent burial" "seemly behavior"

Used in print:

(Hampton Stone, The Man Who Looked Death...)

There was , furthermore , the crowd of curious onlookers gathered in the street and a couple more cops to hold them at a decent distance .

Synonyms decent comely comme_il_faut decorous seemly becoming Related Terms proper

3. decent [ r ] in the right manner
Examples: "please do your job properly!" "can't you carry me decent?"

Synonyms properly right in_good_order decent the_right_way decently Related Terms improperly proper proper

4. decent [ a ] observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress
Examples: "a modest neckline in her dress" "though one of her shoulder straps had slipped down, she was perfectly decent by current standards"

Synonyms decent Related Terms modest

5. decent [ a ] enough to meet a purpose
Examples: "an adequate income" "the food was adequate" "a decent wage" "enough food" "food enough"

Synonyms enough adequate decent Related Terms sufficient

6. decent [ a ] (informal) decently clothed
Examples: "are you decent?"

Synonyms decent Related Terms colloquialism modest

7. decent [ a ] conforming to conventions of sexual behavior
Examples: "speech in this circle, if not always decent, never became lewd"- George Santayana

Synonyms decent Related Terms indecent proper decorous clean

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