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Definition of deposite

"deposite" is probably misspelled. Trying deposit instead Definition of deposit

1. deposit [ v ] fix, force, or implant
Examples: "lodge a bullet in the table"

Used in print:

(Time magazine, 77:3...)

`` A remarkable substance '' , says Dr._Keys , `` quite apart from its tendency to be deposited in the walls of arteries '' .

When thus deposited , Keys says that cholesterol is mainly responsible_for the arterial blockages that culminate in heart_attacks .

Explains Keys : As the fatty protein_molecules travel in the bloodstream , they are deposited in the intima , or inner wall of a coronary_artery .

Synonyms stick deposit wedge lodge Related Terms dislodge fasten redeposit stick_out extend

2. deposit [ v ] put into a bank account
Examples: "She deposits her paycheck every month"

Used in print:

(U.S. Reports. Volume 366. Cases Adjudged in the...)

The forced_sale of the General_Motors stock owned by or allocable to Christiana , Delaware , and the stockholders of Delaware , and deposited with the trustee , would result in a tax to those parties at the capital_gains rate .

Synonyms deposit bank Related Terms withdraw give redeposit depository_financial_institution depositor

3. deposit [ v ] put (something somewhere) firmly
Examples: "She posited her hand on his shoulder" "deposit the suitcase on the bench" "fix your eyes on this spot"

Synonyms deposit situate posit fix Related Terms situate bury sediment

4. deposit [ v ] put into a certain place or abstract location
Examples: "Put your things here" "Set the tray down" "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children" "Place emphasis on a certain point"

Used in print:

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

Then , a group of eggs is deposited in a cavity in the beebread loaf and the egg compartment is closed .

When she succeeds , she usually manages to slip_in unobtrusively , to deposit an egg on a completed loaf of beebread before the bumblebees seal the egg compartment .

Synonyms put place set lay deposit position situate posit pose fix Related Terms put move install settle arrange park lay seat insert plant misplace replace throw set_down lean sow superimpose bury space stand recess clap cock throw juxtapose position stick glycerolize marshal misplace butt ensconce poise rest docket set_down pillow ground plant stratify nestle bottle emplace barrel bucket recline sign repose intersperse postpose parallelize pile reposition superpose middle prepose tee load perch cram trench coffin rack_up upend pigeonhole ladle underlay appose bed siphon set step emplace ship jar imbricate shelve raise assemble arrange postpone lay put_on communicate replace range land post drop imprison ensnare rig set_back disembark topographic_point position set space setting

5. deposit [ n ] matter deposited by water or ice or wind

Used in print:

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

The best chance , of_course , is offered by gently sloping terrain where the water remains close to the surface and where the air is dry , so that a high evaporation leaves salty deposits which permit only sparse plant growth .

Synonyms sediment deposit Related Terms substance dregs lees salt_lick evaporite alluvial_sediment

6. deposit [ n ] the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating

Used in print:

(Richard I. McCosh, "Recreation Site Selection"...)

Notice should be taken_of unusual rock formations , deposits , or shapes of the earth 's crust in your region .

Synonyms sedimentation deposit alluviation Related Terms geological_phenomenon lode sediment

7. deposit [ n ] money deposited in a bank

Synonyms bank_deposit deposit Related Terms fund demand_deposit

8. deposit [ n ] a facility where things can be deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms repository deposit depository Related Terms facility bank repertory museum storehouse library sperm_bank archive treasury lost-and-found drop storage_space

9. deposit [ n ] money given as security for an article acquired for temporary use
Examples: "his deposit was refunded when he returned the car"

Synonyms deposit Related Terms security

10. deposit [ n ] a partial payment made at the time of purchase; the balance to be paid later

Synonyms deposit down_payment Related Terms payment margin

11. deposit [ n ] the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

Synonyms deposit deposition Related Terms accretion redeposition pigmentation superposition electrodeposition

12. deposit [ n ] a payment given as a guarantee that an obligation will be met

Synonyms deposit Related Terms guarantee

13. deposit [ n ] the act of putting something somewhere

Synonyms deposition deposit Related Terms buildup repositing

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