1. [ adjective ] worthy of reliance or trust
Synonyms: reliable

"a reliable source of information" "a dependable worker"

Related terms: unreliable unreliable tested certain true undeviating straight faithful trustworthy
2. [ adjective ] worthy of being depended on
Synonyms: honest reliable true

"a dependable worker" "an honest working stiff" "a reliable source of information" "he was true to his word" "I would be true for there are those who trust me"

Related terms: trustworthy
3. [ adjective ] consistent in performance or behavior
Synonyms: rock-steady steady-going

"dependable in one's habits" "a steady-going family man"

Related terms: steady
4. [ adjective ] financially sound
Synonyms: good secure safe

"a good investment" "a secure investment"

Related terms: sound
Similar spelling:   defendable