1. [ adjective ] not present; having left
Synonyms: gone away

"he's away right now" "you must not allow a stranger into the house when your mother is away" "everyone is gone now" "the departed guests"

Related terms: absent
2. [ adjective ] (euphemistic) dead "he is deceased"
Synonyms: deceased gone at_peace at_rest asleep

"our dear departed friend"

Related terms: euphemism dead
3. [ adjective ] well in the past; former
Synonyms: bygone gone foregone bypast

"bygone days" "dreams of foregone times" "sweet memories of gone summers" "relics of a departed era"

Related terms: past
4. [ noun ] someone who is no longer alive
Synonyms: decedent dead_person deceased deceased_person dead_soul

"I wonder what the dead person would have done"

Related terms: person zombi Lazarus infernal dead
Similar spelling:   depart