1. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 6
2. [ noun ] (sport,tennis,games) United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)
Synonyms: dwight_filley_davis dwight_davis
Related terms: tennis_player
3. [ noun ] (music,performing arts) United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
Synonyms: miles_dewey_davis_jr. miles_davis
Related terms: jazz_musician
4. [ noun ] (nautical,geography) English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)
Synonyms: john_davis john_davys davys
Related terms: navigator
5. [ noun ] (fine art) United States painter who developed an American version of Cubism (1894-1964)
Synonyms: stuart_davis
Related terms: painter
6. [ noun ] Man's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 684
7. [ noun ] (politics) American statesman; president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War (1808-1889)
Synonyms: jefferson_davis
Related terms: statesman
8. [ noun ] (film,performing arts) United States film actress (1908-1989)
Synonyms: bette_davis
Related terms: actress
Similar spelling:   Davies