1. [ noun ] absence of light or illumination
Synonyms: dark
Related terms: light illumination total_darkness blackout night semidarkness
2. [ noun ] an unilluminated area
Synonyms: shadow dark

"he moved off into the darkness"

Related terms: scene shadow
3. [ noun ] absence of moral or spiritual values
Synonyms: dark wickedness iniquity

"the powers of darkness"

Related terms: condition condition
4. [ noun ] an unenlightened state
Synonyms: dark

"he was in the dark concerning their intentions" "his lectures dispelled the darkness"

Related terms: unenlightenment
5. [ noun ] (color) having a dark or somber color
Related terms: lightness value
6. [ noun ] (color) a swarthy complexion
Synonyms: swarthiness duskiness
Related terms: complexion
Similar spelling:   darken