1. [ adjective ] harmed or injured or spoiled

"I wont't buy damaged goods" "the storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings"

Related terms: undamaged bedraggled blasted battered bedraggled trampled riddled bent broken-backed scraped broken-backed peeling scorched storm-beaten burst knocked-out defaced cracked broken knocked-out mangled hurt broken injured impaired destroyed blemished
2. [ adjective ] being unjustly brought into disrepute
Synonyms: discredited

"a discredited politician" "her damaged reputation"

Related terms: disreputable
3. [ adjective ] especially of reputation
Synonyms: flyblown spotted stained sullied tainted tarnished besmirched

"the senator's seriously damaged reputation" "a flyblown reputation" "a tarnished reputation" "inherited a spotted name"

Related terms: blemished