1. [ verb ] inflict damage upon

"The snow damaged the roof" "She damaged the car when she hit the tree"

Related terms: change break mar impair hurt corrode erode disturb mutilate bang_up whittle_away flaw frost bruise afflict bilge burn
2. [ noun ] the occurrence of a change for the worse
Synonyms: harm impairment
Related terms: change distortion detriment run impair
3. [ noun ] the act of damaging something or someone
Synonyms: harm scathe hurt
Related terms: change_of_integrity wound impairment burn defloration defacement harm
4. [ noun ] (military) loss of military equipment
Synonyms: equipment_casualty
Related terms: casualty battle_damage operational_damage military
5. [ noun ] (business) the amount of money needed to purchase something
Synonyms: price terms

"the price of gasoline" "he got his new car on excellent terms" "how much is the damage?"

Related terms: cost bid_price highway_robbery asking_price purchase_price support_level closing_price cash_price valuation factory_price price
6. [ noun ] (law) a legal injury is any damage resulting from a violation of a legal right
Synonyms: wrong legal_injury
Related terms: wrongdoing wrong
Similar spelling:   Dang