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"cuty" is probably misspelled. Trying cut instead Definition of cut

1. cut [ v ] separate with or as if with an instrument
Examples: "Cut the rope"

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

The physical film is cut with a knife at the end of one complete sequence , and the cut edge is joined physically , by cement , to the cut edge of the beginning of the next sequence .

If , in preparing that shot for the inevitable showing to your friends , you interrupt the sequence to paste in a_few frames of the child 's grandmother watching this event , you have begun to be an artist in film ; you are employing the basic technique of film ; you are cutting .

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

The unstained strips were then marked , using the stained ones as a guide , and cut transversely so as to separate the various protein bands .

(A. N. Nagaraj and L. M. Black, "Localization of...)

Root and stem tumors from sweet_clover plants infected with WTV were quick-frozen in liquid_nitrogen , embedded in ice , and cut at 3 - 6 � m in a cryostat maintained at - 16 ` to - 20 ` .

(Francis Pollini, Night....)

They 'd cut their mothers ' belly open .

Synonyms cut Related Terms separate bore carve pare slash tap fell bevel carve sever slash carve nip slit plane rip chop slice nick incise chop chatter dissect saw mow bisect nick trisect cut_away chip scissor circumcise furrow cube trench whittle dock cut_out tomahawk sabre rebate cradle indent pink chase mortise shear indent hack undercut trench crosscut jag manicure hob julienne dig carve cut_out chip cut_away scratch_out cut_out cutter

2. cut [ n ] a distinct selection of music from a recording or a compact disc
Examples: "he played the first cut on the cd" "the title track of the album"

Synonyms cut track Related Terms excerpt

3. cut [ v ] cut down on; make a reduction in
Examples: "reduce your daily fat intake" "The employer wants to cut back health benefits"

Used in print:

(Robert A. Futterman, The Future of Our Cities....)

To light industry , the economies of being on one floor are much slighter , but efficiency_engineers usually believe_in them , and manufacturers looking_for ways to cut costs cannot be prevented from turning_to efficiency_engineers .

(Whit Masterson, Evil Come, Evil Go....)

The act , cut to shreds and hastily patched together during the afternoon , had not been rehearsed sufficiently by anyone .

Synonyms reduce cut cut_down trim trim_down cut_back bring_down trim_back Related Terms decrease shorten slash take_away thin_out shave deflate inflate thin quench retrench trim

4. cut [ a ] separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument
Examples: "the cut surface was mottled" "cut tobacco" "blood from his cut forehead" "bandages on her cut wrists"

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

The physical film is cut with a knife at the end of one complete sequence , and the cut edge is joined physically , by cement , to the cut edge of the beginning of the next sequence .

The physical film is cut with a knife at the end of one complete sequence , and the cut edge is joined physically , by cement , to the cut edge of the beginning of the next sequence .

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

The liver weighed 2090 gm. , was brown in color , and the cut surface was mottled by irregular pale areas .

Synonyms cut Related Terms uncut pierced severed incised perforated crosscut split cut_up chopped

5. cut [ v ] turn sharply; change direction abruptly
Examples: "The car cut to the left at the intersection" "The motorbike veered to the right"

Used in print:

(Samuel Elkin, "The Ball Player," Nugget, 6: 5...)

Phil_Rossoff cut over to center from left_field to get the relay .

Synonyms veer swerve cut curve sheer slew slue trend Related Terms turn peel_off yaw bend swerve yaw

6. cut [ v ] make an incision or separation
Examples: "cut along the dotted line"

Used in print:

(Ann Carnahan, Nick Manero's Cook-out Barbeque...)

Do avoid puncturing or cutting into meats to test them .

Synonyms cut

7. cut [ a ] with parts removed
Examples: "the drastically cut film"

Used in print:

(Richard S. Prather, "The Bawdy Beautiful," Cavalier...)

The finished - and drastically cut - product would begin with a hazy longshot of Joyce entering the suds , then bursting above the pool 's surface clad in layers of lavender lather , and I had a hunch this item was going_to sell tons and tons of soap ; even to clean men and boys .

Synonyms cut shortened Related Terms abridged

8. cut [ v ] form by probing, penetrating, or digging
Examples: "cut a hole" "cut trenches" "The sweat cut little rivulets into her face"

Used in print:

(T. C. McClary, "The Flooded Desert," Argosy,...)

He removed his hat to let the trapped sweat cut rivulets through the dust film upon his gaunt face .

Synonyms cut Related Terms make

9. cut [ n ] a share of the profits
Examples: "everyone got a cut of the earnings"

Used in print:

(Kenneth Allsop, The Bootleggers and Their Era...)

As part of the same arrangement , Torrio had , in the spirit of peace and good_will , and in exchange for armed support in the April election campaign , bestowed upon O_'_Banion a third share in the Hawthorne_Smoke_Shop proceeds and a cut in the Cicero beer trade .

Synonyms cut Related Terms share rake-off loot

10. cut [ n ] a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation

Used in print:

(Francis J. Johnston and John E. Willard, "The...)

The mixture was then extracted with alkali and with water following which the carbon_tetrachloride was distilled on a Vigreux column , a 25 % center cut being retained which was then degassed under vacuum in the presence of * * f .

Synonyms cut gash Related Terms furrow

11. cut [ v ] cut and assemble the components of
Examples: "edit film" "cut recording tape"

Used in print:

(The New York Times...)

Among the particular gems in_this collection is the impudent opening song of `` The Garrick Gaieties '' , an impressive forecast of the wit and melody that were to come from Rodgers and Hart in the years that followed ; Dorothy_Loudon 's raucous listing of the attractions `` At the Roxy Music_Hall '' from `` I Married an Angel '' ; and the incisive style with which Charlotte_Rae delivers the top-drawer Hart lyrics of `` I Blush '' , a song that was cut from `` A Connecticut_Yankee '' .

Synonyms edit_out cut edit Related Terms change abridge

12. cut [ n ] (film) an immediate transition from one shot to the next
Examples: "the cut from the accident scene to the hospital seemed too abrupt"

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

He revealed the potential value of the `` cut '' as the basic technique in the art of the film .

Synonyms cut Related Terms transition jump_cut

13. cut [ v ] style and tailor in a certain fashion
Examples: "cut a dress" "style a wedding dress"

Used in print:

(Dolores Hitchens, Footsteps in the Night....)

She was wearing a brown cotton dress , cut across the hips in a way that was supposed to make her look slimmer , a yoke set into the skirt and flaring pleats below .

Synonyms cut tailor style Related Terms design gore fashion

14. cut [ v ] discharge from a group
Examples: "The coach cut two players from the team"

Used in print:

(San Francisco Chronicle,...)

`` But Arger never was able to produce it , so I cut him off my payroll '' .

Synonyms cut Related Terms free

15. cut [ v ] make out and issue
Examples: "write out a check" "cut a ticket" "Please make the check out to me"

Used in print:

(Dell Shannon, The Ace of Spades....)

Never mind how much I cut it , how much I get '' , and he smiled his sleepy smile again .

Synonyms make_out issue cut write_out Related Terms write check

16. cut [ v ] hit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction
Examples: "cut a pingpong ball"

Used in print:

(Thomas B. Dewey, Hunter at Large....)

Before Roberts could move inside to cut upward toward his face , he slammed his right fist into Roberts ' belly .

Synonyms cut Related Terms hit sport

17. cut [ a ] fashioned or shaped by cutting
Examples: "a well-cut suit" "cut diamonds" "cut velvet"

Used in print:

(Walter H. Buchsbaum, "Advances in Medical Electronics"...)

The frequency used for these experiments is 15 mc. and the transducer is a specially cut crystal with an epoxy lens capable of providing beam diameters smaller than one millimeter .

Synonyms cut Related Terms uncut slashed hewn slit sheared cut_out

18. cut [ n ] a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass

Synonyms cut_of_meat cut Related Terms meat steak side sirloin hindquarter rib tenderloin cut_of_beef shank leg chine cut_of_pork brisket shin loin forequarter neck cut_of_veal cut_of_mutton cut_of_lamb saddle rack chop roast

19. cut [ v ] fell by sawing; hew
Examples: "The Vietnamese cut a lot of timber while they occupied Cambodia"

Synonyms cut Related Terms fell

20. cut [ n ] in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball
Examples: "he took a vicious cut at the ball"

Synonyms swing cut baseball_swing Related Terms stroke

21. cut [ n ] a wound made by cutting
Examples: "he put a bandage over the cut"

Synonyms slice gash slash cut Related Terms wound slash slit

22. cut [ n ] a step on some scale
Examples: "he is a cut above the rest"

Synonyms cut Related Terms gradation

23. cut [ n ] a refusal to recognize someone you know
Examples: "the snub was clearly intentional"

Synonyms cut cold_shoulder snub Related Terms rebuff cold-shoulder

24. cut [ n ] the act of cutting something into parts
Examples: "his cuts were skillful" "his cutting of the cake made a terrible mess"

Synonyms cutting cut Related Terms division dissection severance slicing undercut scission

25. cut [ v ] divide a deck of cards into two parts to make selection difficult
Examples: "Wayne cut"

Synonyms cut Related Terms shuffle

26. cut [ v ] have grow through the gums
Examples: "The baby cut a tooth"

Synonyms cut Related Terms grow

27. cut [ v ] grow through the gums
Examples: "The new tooth is cutting"

Synonyms cut Related Terms grow

28. cut [ v ] perform or carry out
Examples: "cut a caper"

Synonyms cut Related Terms perform

29. cut [ v ] lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture
Examples: "cut bourbon"

Synonyms dilute reduce thin_out cut thin Related Terms weaken water_down dilution dilution cutting diluent

30. cut [ n ] a canal made by erosion or excavation

Synonyms cut Related Terms canal

31. cut [ a ] mixed with water
Examples: "sold cut whiskey" "a cup of thinned soup"

Synonyms thinned weakened cut Related Terms diluted

32. cut [ v ] penetrate injuriously
Examples: "The glass from the shattered windshield cut into her forehead"

Synonyms cut Related Terms penetrate

33. cut [ a ] wounded by cutting deeply
Examples: "got a gashed arm in a knife fight" "had a slashed cheek from the broken glass"

Synonyms gashed slashed cut Related Terms injured

34. cut [ v ] reap or harvest
Examples: "cut grain"

Synonyms cut Related Terms reap

35. cut [ a ] made neat and tidy by trimming
Examples: "his neatly trimmed hair"

Synonyms cut trimmed Related Terms untrimmed clipped

36. cut [ v ] cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch
Examples: "Turn off the stereo, please" "cut the engine" "turn out the lights"

Synonyms turn_off switch_off turn_out cut Related Terms switch_on throw kill

37. cut [ n ] the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge
Examples: "his cut in the lining revealed the hidden jewels"

Synonyms cutting cut Related Terms opening incision slash notch

38. cut [ v ] divide a deck of cards at random into two parts to make selection difficult
Examples: "Wayne cut" "She cut the deck for a long time"

Synonyms cut Related Terms shuffle

39. cut [ n ] the act of reducing the amount or number
Examples: "the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"

Synonyms cut Related Terms decrease price_cutting pay_cut cost_cutting spending_cut taxcut budget_cut

40. cut [ v ] reduce in scope while retaining essential elements
Examples: "The manuscript must be shortened"

Synonyms shorten foreshorten abridge cut contract reduce abbreviate Related Terms elaborate decrease condense bowdlerize condensation contraction abridger

41. cut [ v ] allow incision or separation
Examples: "This bread cuts easily"

Synonyms cut Related Terms be

42. cut [ v ] function as a cutting instrument
Examples: "This knife cuts well"

Synonyms cut Related Terms go

43. cut [ v ] make a recording of
Examples: "cut the songs" "She cut all of her major titles again"

Synonyms cut Related Terms record

44. cut [ v ] stop filming
Examples: "cut a movie scene"

Synonyms cut Related Terms stop

45. cut [ v ] form or shape by cutting or incising
Examples: "cut out paper dolls"

Synonyms cut_out cut Related Terms make carving

46. cut [ v ] cease, stop
Examples: : "cut the noise" "We had to cut short the conversation"

Synonyms cut_off cut Related Terms interrupt interrupt

47. cut [ v ] create by recording electronically
Examples: "cut a disk" "cut a CD"

Synonyms cut Related Terms produce

48. cut [ v ] record a performance on
Examples: "cut a record"

Synonyms burn cut Related Terms produce record

49. cut [ n ] the style in which a garment is cut
Examples: "a dress of traditional cut"

Synonyms cut Related Terms fashion

50. cut [ v ] pass through or across
Examples: "The boat cut the water"

Synonyms cut Related Terms transit

51. cut [ v ] make an abrupt change of image or sound
Examples: "cut from one scene to another"

Synonyms cut Related Terms switch cut_away cut_to

52. cut [ v ] pass directly and often in haste
Examples: "We cut through the neighbor's yard to get home sooner"

Synonyms cut Related Terms pass

53. cut [ v ] reduce in amount
Examples: "This cuts into my earnings"

Synonyms cut Related Terms reduce decrease reduce

54. cut [ n ] the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage
Examples: "an editor's deletions frequently upset young authors" "both parties agreed on the excision of the proposed clause"

Synonyms cut excision deletion Related Terms editing strike

55. cut [ n ] the division of a deck of cards before dealing
Examples: "he insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal" "the cutting of the cards soon became a ritual"

Synonyms cutting cut Related Terms division card_game

56. cut [ v ] give the appearance or impression of
Examples: "cut a nice figure"

Synonyms cut Related Terms look

57. cut [ v ] move, as of a fist in boxing
Examples: "his opponent cut upward toward his chin"

Synonyms cut Related Terms move boxing

58. cut [ v ] informal: be able to manage or manage successfully
Examples: "I can't hack it anymore" "she could not cut the long days in the office"

Synonyms cut hack Related Terms cope

59. cut [ v ] weed out unwanted or unnecessary things
Examples: "We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet"

Synonyms rationalize prune rationalise cut Related Terms eliminate reduce restrict cut_out

60. cut [ v ] dissolve by breaking down the fat of
Examples: "soap cuts grease"

Synonyms cut Related Terms dissolve

61. cut [ v ] intentionally fail to attend
Examples: : "cut class"

Synonyms skip cut Related Terms miss bunk_off omission

62. cut [ v ] shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of
Examples: "cut my hair"

Synonyms cut Related Terms shorten crop shave

63. cut [ a ] (of pages of a book) having the folds of the leaves trimmed or slit
Examples: "the cut pages of the book"

Synonyms cut Related Terms uncut

64. cut [ v ] refuse to acknowledge
Examples: "She cut him dead at the meeting"

Synonyms ignore disregard snub cut Related Terms treat snub

65. cut [ a ] (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply
Examples: "the slashed prices attracted buyers"

Synonyms slashed cut Related Terms decreased

66. cut [ a ] cut down
Examples: "the tree is down"

Synonyms cut_down down cut Related Terms felled

67. cut [ n ] a remark capable of wounding mentally
Examples: "the unkindest cut of all"

Synonyms cut stinger Related Terms abuse sting

68. cut [ a ] having a long rip or tear
Examples: "a split lip"

Synonyms split cut Related Terms injured

69. cut [ a ] (used of grass or vegetation) cut down with a hand implement or machine
Examples: "the smell of new-mown hay"

Synonyms cut mown Related Terms unmown vegetation

70. cut [ a ] (of a male animal) having the testicles removed
Examples: "a cut horse"

Synonyms emasculated gelded cut Related Terms castrated

71. cut [ n ] a stroke (in tennis or badminton or squash) that puts reverse spin on the ball
Examples: "cuts do not bother a good tennis player"

Synonyms undercut cut Related Terms stroke tennis squash badminton undercut

72. cut [ n ] the act of shortening something by cutting off the ends
Examples: "the barber gave him a good cut"

Synonyms cutting cutting_off cut Related Terms shortening trim haircut shearing clip

73. cut [ v ] cut off the testicles (of male animals such as horses)
Examples: "the vet gelded the young horse"

Synonyms cut geld Related Terms emasculate gelding

74. cut [ v ] record a performance on (a medium)
Examples: "cut a record"

Synonyms cut Related Terms record

75. cut [ n ] an unexcused absence from class
Examples: "he was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class"

Synonyms cut Related Terms absence

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