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Definition of consumate

"consumate" is probably misspelled. Trying consummate instead Definition of consummate

1. consummate [ v ] of marriages

Used in print:

(Sexology, 28:1...)

Extreme cases are on record in_which the doctor has had to use instruments to cut through the hymen to permit marital relations_to be consummated .

Synonyms consummate Related Terms carry_through love

2. consummate [ v ] make perfect; bring to perfection

Used in print:

(The Christian Science Monitor...)

Taking_off his hat and signaling the driver with_it , Mr._Podger stepped into the road , lifted the surprised turtle and consummated its road-crossing with what must have been a breath-taking suddenness .

Synonyms consummate perfect Related Terms carry_through consummation

3. consummate [ a ] perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities
Examples: "a complete gentleman" "consummate happiness" "a consummate performance"

Synonyms complete consummate Related Terms perfect

4. consummate [ a ] having or revealing supreme mastery or skill
Examples: "a consummate artist" "consummate skill" "a masterful speaker" "masterful technique" "a masterly performance of the sonata" "a virtuoso performance"

Synonyms virtuoso masterly masterful consummate Related Terms skilled

5. consummate [ a ] without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
Examples: "an arrant fool" "a complete coward" "a consummate fool" "gross negligence" "a perfect idiot" "pure folly" "what a sodding mess" "stark staring mad" "utter nonsense"

Synonyms utter pure double-dyed everlasting complete gross perfect sodding stark staring thoroughgoing consummate arrant Related Terms unmitigated

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