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Definition of consistant

"consistant" is probably misspelled. Trying consistent instead Definition of consistent

1. consistent [ a ] (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable
Examples: "testimony consistent with the known facts" the course of conduct which I am following is consistent with my sense of responsibility as president in time of war"- FDR

Used in print:

(Cornell H. Mayer, "Radio Emission of the Moon...)

The results of present observations of the thermal radio_emission of the moon are consistent with the very low thermal conductivity of the surface layer which was derived from the variation in the infrared_emission during eclipses ( e.g. , Garstung , 1958 ) .

The low intensity of the radiation from Saturn has limited observations , but again the measured radiation seems to be consistent with a thermal origin .

(James A. Ibers et al., "Proton magnetic resonance...)

The x-ray data are consistent with particle sizes of 1000 A or greater .

(Brand Blanshard, "The Emotive Theory," Robert...)

And our question is , is such an implication consistent with what we meant ?

(Clement Greenberg, "Collage" in his Art and...)

But it is also true that Braque was the consistent pioneer in the use of simulated textures as_well_as of typography ; and moreover , he had already begun to broaden and simplify the facet-planes of Analytical_Cubism as far back as the end of 1910 .

Synonyms consistent Related Terms inconsistent pursuant accordant self-consistent unchanging reconciled invariable

2. consistent [ a ] marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts
Examples: "a logical argument" "the orderly presentation"

Used in print:

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

There is also the possibility , among higher religions , of experiencing consistent meaning in life and enjoying guidance and expansiveness .

Synonyms logical consistent orderly ordered Related Terms coherent

3. consistent [ a ] capable of being reproduced
Examples: "astonishingly reproducible results can be obtained"

Synonyms reproducible consistent Related Terms unreproducible duplicable

4. consistent [ a ] the same throughout in structure or composition
Examples: "bituminous coal is often treated as a consistent and homogeneous product"

Synonyms uniform consistent Related Terms homogeneous

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