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Definition of congradulation

"congradulation" is probably misspelled. Trying congratulation instead Definition of congratulation

1. congratulation [ n ] acknowledgement that someone has an occasion for celebration

Used in print:

(David Boroff, "Jewish Teen-Age Culture"...)

At_the_same_time , there is a good_deal of self congratulation at attending a good college - they are even inclined to exaggerate its not inconsiderable virtues - and they express pleasure at the cozy in-group feeling that the college generates .

(87th Congress, 1st Session. Congressional Record....)

My heartiest congratulations go to their successors , Orvil_E._Dryfoos and John_B._Oakes , who can be counted_upon to sustain the illustrious tradition of the New_York_Times .

(Harry Olesker, Impact....)

Somehow , Blanche managed to cover the stunned surprise and offer her congratulations .

Synonyms congratulation felicitation Related Terms speech_act acknowledgment congratulate

2. congratulation [ n ] (usually plural) an expression of pleasure at the success or good fortune of another
Examples: "I sent them my sincere congratulations on their marriage"

Synonyms felicitation congratulation Related Terms expression plural compliment congratulate

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