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"concer" is probably misspelled. Trying concern instead Definition of concern

1. concern [ v ] be about; have to do with; be relevant to; refer, pertain, or relate to
Examples: "What's this novel all about?" "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

Other items on the agenda during the meetings , which are expected to continue through Saturday , concern television , rules changes , professional football 's hall_of_fame , players ' benefits and constitutional amendments .

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

When we arrive_at the events concerned in the vanished majority , they , of_course , cannot impress us as anything familiar .

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

Historians have come to recognize two cardinal facts concerning nationalism and international influence .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

It is these other differences between North and South - other , that_is , than those which concern discrimination or social_welfare - which I chiefly discuss herein .

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

In the physical_sciences , these achievements concern electricity , chemistry , and atomic_physics .

Synonyms concern refer pertain relate come_to touch bear_on touch_on Related Terms involve apply focus_on matter_to allude applicability

2. concern [ v ] be on the mind of
Examples: "I worry about the second Germanic consonant"

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

The President was especially concerned about the deadlock in the nuclear test ban negotiations at Geneva .

There was reason to believe that Premier_Khrushchev was also concerned about a possible spread of nuclear_weapons , particularly to Communist_China .

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

The_British government , concerned about the threat of unemployment in the shipbuilding_industry , had put_through a bill to give Cunard loans and grants totaling $ 50400000 toward the $ 84000000 cost of a new 75000 - ton passenger liner .

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

The fact that Sloan was an extrovert , concerned primarily with what he saw , adds greatly to the value of his art as a human chronicle .

(Time magazine, 77:3...)

What concerns him much more is the relationship of diet to the nation 's No. 1 killer : coronary_artery disease , which accounts_for more_than half of all heart fatalities and kills 500000 Americans a year - twice the toll from all varieties of cancer , five times the deaths from automobile accidents .

Synonyms concern interest occupy worry Related Terms preoccupy interest occupation

3. concern [ n ] something that interests you because it is important or affects you
Examples: "the safety of the ship is the captain's concern"

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

Now time is also the concern of the fictional narrative , which is , at its simplest , the story of an action with , usually , a beginning , a middle , and an end - elements which demand time as the first condition for their existence .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

Had the situation been reversed , had , for_instance , England been the enemy in 1898 because of issues of concern chiefly to New_England , there is little doubt that large_numbers of Southerners would have happily put_on their old Confederate uniforms to fight as allies of Britain .

(J. H. Hexter, "Thomas More: On the Margins...)

To others whose concern it is to penetrate the significance of Christian_Humanism , the Renaissance elements are of primary concern .

To others whose concern it is to penetrate the significance of Christian_Humanism , the Renaissance elements are of primary concern .

The concern of Utopia is with the optimo reipublicae statu , the best ordering of a civil society ; and it is again_and_again made clear that Utopian communism provides the institutional array indispensable to that best ordering .

Synonyms concern Related Terms interest part matter worldly_concern personal_business point_of_honor

4. concern [ n ] an anxious feeling
Examples: "care had aged him" "they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

Used in print:

(William G. Pollard, Physicist and Christian....)

Aside_from a quaint concern with witches and devils which provides the immediate problem in the opening scene , it is a quite normal community .

The conversation of the characters creates an atmosphere suggesting the usual mixture of pleasures , foibles , irritations , and concerns which would characterize the common life of a normal village in any age .

The tragic irony of the play is that the very belief in and concern with a devil who could be met in the woods and combatted with formulae set_out in books was the very thing that prevented them from detecting the real devil when he came among them .

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

Naturally , such scholarly facts are of little concern to the man trying to make money or fan patriotism by means of folklore .

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

His religious_beliefs provide him with plausible explanations for many conditions which cause him great concern , and his religious faith makes possible fortitude , equanimity , and consolation , enabling him to endure colossal misfortune , fear , frustration , uncertainty , suffering , evil , and danger .

Synonyms concern fear care Related Terms anxiety fear

5. concern [ n ] something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness
Examples: "New York traffic is a constant concern" "it's a major worry"

Used in print:

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

The Newport_Mercury exhibited more concern over the possibility of the abolitionists making a martyr of Brown than it did over the development of sympathy for him .

Synonyms worry headache concern vexation Related Terms negative_stimulus business burden bugaboo worry worry

6. concern [ n ] a feeling of sympathy for someone or something
Examples: "She felt strong concern for those less fortunate"

Used in print:

(Harry Olesker, Impact....)

And now she was feeling sick , both from concern about Stanley and hunger .

Synonyms concern Related Terms unconcern sympathy solicitude softheartedness

7. concern [ n ] a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it
Examples: "he bought his brother's business" "a small mom-and-pop business" "a racially integrated business concern"

Used in print:

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

Many such loans have been made to establish small concerns or to aid in their growth , thereby contributing substantially to community development programs .

Synonyms business business_concern concern business_organization business_organisation Related Terms enterprise corporation firm manufacturer agency partnership processor carrier chain conglomerate underperformer franchise brokerage shipbuilder division shipping_room commercial_enterprise

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