1. [ noun ] (chemistry) the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
Synonyms: chemistry
Related terms: natural_science geochemistry radiochemistry physical_chemistry chemoimmunology photochemistry organic_chemistry electrochemistry inorganic_chemistry femtochemistry atomic_theory chemical_reaction include activity organic atom mixture molecule group absorb man-made pH sorb inorganic critical conjugate molecular_weight suspend state_of_matter free absorption chemist oleophilic decompose purify iodinating decomposition inert isolate fractionate resuspend bound chain volatile hydrophobic hydrophilic react de-iodinating henry's_law equilibrate admix electronegativity formulate build bind saturate distill glycerolize deoxidize preisolate conjugate oxidize supernatant hydrous anhydrous compound adsorb carbocyclic acetylate acetylate carboxylate saponify alkalize acidify volatilize decarboxylate reform decarboxylate valence reform iodize butylate desorb desorb polymerize technical law_of_mass_action copolymerize nitrate organic_chemistry polymerize lipophilic demineralise catalyze strip alchemize amphoteric isomerise isomerise transaminate saponify resublime peptize ligate sequester calcine actinide_series noncritical carbonize bate alkalinise chemical_phenomenon saturated cyclic association fractionate unsaturated transmute imbibition sulfurette emulsion alloy rarefy dissociate convert acid catalyst carbolated carbonyl carboxyl aromatic mercuric polymorphous ethereal bivalent pentavalent tetravalent trivalent atomic_mass atomic_weight anticatalyst conjugate fluorocarbon displacement Dalton's_law law_of_constant_proportion law_of_equivalent_proportions law_of_multiple_proportions solvate periodic_law solvate acid_value carburet heavy moonshine distill light monovalent membered polyvalent distribution_law equilibrium_law reversible reversibly arrhenius_theory_of_dissociation ostwald's_theory_of_indicators allomerism sublimation deaden atomic_theory clathrate reactive closed_chain migration ammonify catabolize polymorphism dimorphism unreactive chemical_process rich coke thoriate scavenge alkylic detoxify denitrify allylic azido esterify benzylic sensitizer cacodylic etherify crack crack alkalinize dissociation basic acidic
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