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Definition of cemetary

"cemetary" is probably misspelled. Trying cemetery instead Definition of cemetery

1. cemetery [ n ] a tract of land used for burials

Used in print:


If Nikita buys a small plot in some modest rural cemetery , everyone will understand .

(Louis Zara, Dark Rider....)

The Catholics had the largest cemetery , near the Neversink_River where Main_Street ran south ; Stevie whistled when he passed these alien grounds .

(Octavia Waldo, A Cup of the Sun....)

Yet everywhere else sameness was stucco and wood in square_blocks - like fortresses perched against the slant of the hill , rising with the hill to the top where the church was and beyond that to the cemetery .

Synonyms cemetery graveyard burial_ground burying_ground necropolis memorial_park burial_site Related Terms site potter's_field

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