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Definition of catholic_chruch

"Catholic_Chruch" is probably misspelled. Trying Catholic_Church instead Definition of Catholic_Church

1. Catholic_Church [ n ] any of several churches claiming to have maintained historical continuity with the original Christian Church

Used in print:

(Edward E. Kelly, S.J., "Christian Unity in England"...)

The general tone of articles appearing in such important newspapers as the Manchester_Guardian and the Sunday_Observer implies a kindly recognition that the Catholic_Church is now at_least of equal stature in England with the Protestant churches .

Almost daily something is reported which feeds this Catholic hope in England : statistics of the increasing numbers of converts and Irish Catholic immigrants ; news of a Protestant minister in Leamington who has offered to allow a Catholic priest to preach from his pulpit ; a report that a Catholic nun had been requested to teach in a non-Catholic secondary_school during the sickness of one of its masters ; the startling statement in a respectable periodical that `` Catholics , if the present system is still in_operation , will constitute almost one-third of the House_of_Lords in the next generation '' ; a report that 200 Protestant clergymen and laity attended a votive Mass offered for Christian unity at a Catholic_church in Slough during the Church Unity Octave .

Synonyms Catholic_Church Related Terms church Roman_Catholic Orthodox_Church Eastern_Church Old_Catholic_Church Uniat_Church Catholic

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