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Definition of bull_shit

"bull_shit" is probably misspelled. Trying bullshit instead Definition of bullshit

1. bullshit [ v ] talk through one's hat
Examples: "The politician was not well prepared for the debate and faked it"

Used in print:

(Francis Pollini, Night....)

All he does is to bullshit with his squad , and they are the stupidest bastards around .

Synonyms bullshit fake bull waffle Related Terms feign fake bull

2. bullshit [ i ] interjection, to express disagreement and disapproval

Synonyms bullshit

3. bullshit [ n ] obscene words for unacceptable behavior
Examples: "I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk" "what he said was mostly bull"

Synonyms bull shit dogshit horseshit irish_bull crap bullshit Related Terms obscenity

4. bullshit [ n ] unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)

Synonyms bull shit bunkum guff horseshit crap bunk buncombe Irish_bull rot hogwash dogshit bullshit Related Terms drivel bull

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