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Definition of breaking_dawn

"Breaking_Dawn" is probably misspelled. Trying breaking instead Definition of breaking

1. breaking [ a ] (of waves) curling over and crashing into surf or spray
Examples: : "the breaking waves"

Used in print:

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

One looked down on a sea of leaves , a breaking wave of flower .

Synonyms breaking Related Terms break

2. breaking [ n ] the act of breaking something
Examples: "the breakage was unavoidable"

Used in print:

(Ralph B. Long. The Sentence and Its Parts: A...)

From the point_of_view of syntactic analysis the head word in the statement is the predicator has broken , and from the point_of_view of meaning it would seem that the trouble centers in the breaking ; but dominant stress will be assigned to broken only in rather exceptional versions of the sentence .

Synonyms break breaking breakage Related Terms change_of_integrity fracture chip rupture smashing break break break

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