1. [ adjective ] hot enough to raise (or as if to raise) blisters
Synonyms: blistery

"blistering sun"

Related terms: hot
2. [ adjective ] harsh or corrosive in tone
Synonyms: bitter acid acrid virulent acerbic sulfurous sulphurous venomous caustic vitriolic acerb

"an acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose" "a barrage of acid comments" "her acrid remarks make her many enemies" "bitter words" "blistering criticism" "caustic jokes" "a sulfurous denunciation"

Related terms: unpleasant
3. [ noun ] (biology) the formation of vesicles
Synonyms: vesiculation vesication
Related terms: organic_process blister
4. [ adjective ] marked by harshly abusive criticism
Synonyms: scathing scalding vituperative

"his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists" "her vituperative railing"

Related terms: critical
5. [ adjective ] very fast
Synonyms: hot red-hot

"a blistering pace" "got off to a hot start" "in hot pursuit" "a red-hot line drive"

Related terms: fast
Similar spelling:   blustering