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Definition of bless_you

"bless_you" is probably misspelled. Trying bless instead Definition of bless

1. bless [ v ] give a benediction to
Examples: "The dying man blessed his son"

Used in print:

(Kenneth Scott Latourette, Christianity in a Revolutiona...)

Here was what was called the American_dream , namely , the effort to build a structure which would be something new in history and to do so in such fashion that God could bless it .

(87th Congress, 1st Session. House Document No. 247....)

So , I say , Mr._Speaker , God bless you and keep you for many years not_only for this body but for the United_States_of_America and the free_world .

May the Divine_Speaker in Heaven bless this country with Sam_Rayburn 's continued service here for years to come .

(Clark McMeekin, The Fairbrothers....)

He , with fifteen or twenty horses or mares or geldings or what-nots out there in the barn , was reverent only of `` the Mare '' , `` the Racin ' Mare '' , the revolting Gunny .

Synonyms bless Related Terms curse raise anoint benediction

2. bless [ v ] confer prosperity or happiness on

Used in print:

(Guideposts BR-E01. Mr. America, 4:6 (November, 1961)...)

May He bless you all .

Synonyms bless Related Terms confer

3. bless [ v ] make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection; consecrate

Used in print:

(Richard I. McCosh, "Recreation Site Selection"...)

Other natural features which can be of high interest are the forests , canyons , mountains , deserts , seacoast , beaches , sand_dunes , waterfalls , springs , etcetera with which the area is blessed .

Synonyms bless sign Related Terms gesticulate signal

4. bless [ v ] render holy by means of religious rites

Synonyms bless hallow sanctify consecrate Related Terms desecrate declare declare reconsecrate sanctification consecration

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