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Definition of bios

"bios" is probably misspelled. Trying bias instead Definition of bias

1. bias [ n ] a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

Used in print:

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

The last two writers introduce strong political bias into their works , and not unlike the union leaders that we will discuss soon , see folklore as a reservoir of protest by a downtrodden and publically silenced mass .

Synonyms prejudice bias preconception Related Terms partiality taboo irrational_hostility homophobia racism experimenter_bias islamophobia tendentiousness prejudice

2. bias [ v ] influence in an unfair way
Examples: "you are biasing my choice by telling me yours"

Synonyms bias Related Terms prejudice handicap handicap

3. bias [ v ] cause to be biased

Synonyms predetermine bias Related Terms prejudice slant

4. bias [ a ] slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric
Examples: "a bias fold"

Synonyms bias Related Terms oblique

5. Bias [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 5241

Synonyms Bias

6. bias [ n ] a line or cut across a fabric that is not at right angles to a side

Synonyms bias diagonal Related Terms straight_line

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