1. [ noun ] the capacity to attract and hold something
Related terms: attraction adhere
2. [ noun ] strip sewn over or along an edge for reinforcement or decoration
Related terms: sewing bind
3. [ adjective ] executed with proper legal authority

"a binding contract"

Related terms: valid
4. [ noun ] (medicine) the act of applying a bandage
Synonyms: bandaging dressing
Related terms: medical_care bind
5. [ adjective ] causing constipation
Synonyms: constipating
Related terms: costive
6. [ adjective ] hindering freedom of movement
Synonyms: constricting

"tight garments are uncomfortably binding"

Related terms: tight
7. [ noun ] the front and back covering of a book
Synonyms: cover back book_binding

"the book had a leather binding"

Related terms: protective_covering half_binding three-quarter_binding book cover bind
Similar spelling:   bonding