1. [ noun ] (transportation) a cycle that has two wheels; moved by foot pedals
Synonyms: wheel bike
Related terms: cycle ordinary bicycle-built-for-two safety_bicycle push-bike velocipede mountain_bike chain mudguard handlebar pedal coaster_brake sprocket bicycle_wheel bicycle_seat
2. [ noun ] (transportation) a shortened version of `bicycle' or `tricycle' or `motorcycle'
Synonyms: bike wheel cycle
Related terms: wheeled_vehicle push-bike bicycle-built-for-two ordinary unicycle safety_bicycle motor_scooter mountain_bike tricycle motorcycle velocipede chain mudguard handlebar coaster_brake pedal sprocket bicycle_wheel bicycle_seat
3. [ verb ] (transportation) ride a bicycle
Synonyms: bike pedal wheel cycle
Related terms: ride backpedal wheel cyclist cycle pedaler motorcycle cycling
Similar spelling:   bicycler