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Definition of bi-weekly

"bi-weekly" is probably misspelled. Trying biweekly instead Definition of biweekly

1. biweekly [ r ] every two weeks
Examples: "he visited his cousins fortnightly"

Synonyms biweekly fortnightly

2. biweekly [ n ] a periodical that is published biweekly

Synonyms biweekly Related Terms series

3. biweekly [ a ] occurring twice a week

Synonyms biweekly semiweekly Related Terms week

4. biweekly [ r ] twice a week
Examples: "he called home semiweekly"

Synonyms semiweekly biweekly

5. biweekly [ a ] occurring every two weeks

Synonyms biweekly fortnightly Related Terms week fortnight

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