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Definition of bi-monthly

"bi-monthly" is probably misspelled. Trying bimonthly instead Definition of bimonthly

1. bimonthly [ a ] occurring twice a month
Examples: "a semimonthly publication"

Synonyms bimonthly semimonthly Related Terms month month

2. bimonthly [ n ] a periodical that is published bimonthly

Synonyms bimonthly Related Terms series

3. bimonthly [ r ] every two months
Examples: "the bill was payable bimonthly"

Synonyms bimonthly

4. bimonthly [ r ] twice a month
Examples: "salaries are paid semimonthly"

Synonyms semimonthly bimonthly

5. bimonthly [ a ] occurring every two months
Examples: "bimonthly visits"

Synonyms bimestrial bimonthly Related Terms month bimester

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