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Definition of belo

"belo" is probably misspelled. Trying below instead Definition of below

1. below [ p ] preposition, whose position or status is lower than

Synonyms below beneath underneath under

2. below [ r ] in or to a place that is lower

Used in print:

(The Family Fallout Shelter. Office of Civil and Defence...)

The same shelter could be built into an embankment or below ground_level .

(Dolores Hitchens, Footsteps in the Night....)

She was wearing a brown cotton dress , cut across the hips in a way that was supposed to make her look slimmer , a yoke set into the skirt and flaring pleats below .

(Donald J. Plantz, Sweeney Squadron....)

With the rapid rate of closure , the approach from below , the side , and ahead , there would be only a moment when damage could be done .

Synonyms below beneath to_a_lower_place at_a_lower_place Related Terms above

3. below [ r ] at a later place
Examples: "see below"

Used in print:

(Raymond C. Binder et al., editors, Proceedings...)

The upper_limit was determined by the difficulty of measuring the characteristic anode surface temperature ( see below ) since only a small region of the anode was struck by the arc .

(Jay C. Harris and John R. Van Wazer, "Detergent...)

The purpose of washing is , obviously , to remove soils which are arbitrarily classed in the four major categories given below :

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

Other methods will be described below .

(Jacob Robbins et al., "The thyroid-stimulating...)

The chemical nature of the iodocompounds is discussed below ( pp. 76 et_seq. ) .

(Douglas Ashford, "Elections in Morocco: Progress...)

However , the regionally differentiated results , which appear below in tables , are interesting evidence of the problems of developing self-government under even the most favorable circumstances .

Synonyms below Related Terms above

4. below [ r ] on a floor below
Examples: "the tenants live downstairs"

Used in print:

(Stephen Longstreet, Eagles Where I Walk....)

In the ballroom below , the dark had given_way to moonlight coming_in through the bank of French_windows .

Synonyms downstairs down_the_stairs below on_a_lower_floor Related Terms upstairs

5. below [ r ] (in writing) see below
Examples: "vide infra"

Used in print:

(Allan J. Braff and Roger F. Miller, "Wage-Price...)

Part 1 , below describes this abstract model by spelling_out its assumptions .

In this model , then , the industry is presumed to realize that they could successfully resist a change in the basic wage rate , but since such a change is the only effective means to raising prices they may , in circumstances to be spelled_out in Part 2 , below , find it to their advantage to allow the wage rise .

Synonyms below infra

6. Below [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 23218

Synonyms Below

7. below [ p ] preposition, relatively lower

Synonyms under underneath beneath below

8. below [ r ] further down
Examples: "see under for further discussion"

Synonyms below under

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