1. [ noun ] (zoology) the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
Synonyms: stomach abdomen venter
Related terms: body_part underbelly torso navel intestine abdominal_cavity abdominal_wall urinary_system ab hypochondrium colic_artery abdominal_aorta
2. [ noun ] a protruding abdomen
Synonyms: paunch
Related terms: adipose_tissue pot torso
3. [ verb ] swell out or bulge out
Synonyms: belly_out
Related terms: swell
4. [ noun ] the hollow inside of something

"in the belly of the ship"

Related terms: inside
5. [ noun ] a part that bulges deeply

"the belly of a sail"

Related terms: bulge
6. [ noun ] (zoology) the underpart of the body of certain vertebrates such as snakes or fish
Related terms: underpart vertebrate
Similar spelling:   Bell