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Definition of befor

"BEFOR" is probably misspelled. Trying before instead Definition of before

1. before [ p ] preposition, in or toward the front

Synonyms before in_front_of

2. before [ r ] earlier in time; previously
Examples: "I had known her before" "as I said before" "he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier" "her parents had died four years earlier" "I mentioned that problem earlier"

Used in print:

(Walter H. Buchsbaum, "Advances in Medical Electronics"...)

As mentioned before , bone reflects the sound energy and in Fig. 7 the portion of the spine shows as the black area in the center .

(John R. Sargent, "Where To Aim Your Planning for Bigger...)

Despite generally good levels of income , we see greater price pressures than ever before - traveling back along the chain from consumer to distributor to manufacturer .

(Sports Age, 24:9...)

Camping is family fun , and it is helping more Americans see more of the country than they ever saw before .

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

Nearly twenty-five years before , Captain_John_Davis had noted , as he sailed near the Arctic_Circle , `` a very great gulf , the water whirling and roaring , as_it_were the meeting of tides '' .

Worse , his present crew included five men who had sailed with him before .

Synonyms before earlier

3. before [ c ] conjunction, prior to the latter

Synonyms previous_to before

4. before [ r ] at or in the front
Examples: "I see the lights of a town ahead" "the road ahead is foggy" "staring straight ahead" "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front" "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"

Synonyms in_front ahead before

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