1. [ noun ] (chemistry,food) back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked; usually sliced thin and fried
Related terms: cut_of_pork flitch gammon bacon_strip Canadian_bacon bacon_rind
2. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 1041
3. [ noun ] (religion) English Franciscan monk and scientist who stressed the importance of experimentation; first showed that air is required for combustion and first used lenses to correct vision (1220-1292)
Synonyms: roger_bacon
Related terms: scientist monk
4. [ noun ] (philosophy,politics) English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626)
Synonyms: Baron_Verulam Viscount_St._Albans 1st_baron_verulam sir_francis_bacon Francis_Bacon
Related terms: philosopher statesman
Similar spelling:   bassoon