1. [ noun ] (writing) nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
Related terms: nonfiction piece column paper magazine_article think_piece news_article offprint feature
2. [ noun ] one of a class of artifacts

"an article of clothing"

Related terms: artifact breakable notion knickknack ware article_of_commerce
3. [ noun ] (law,fine art,writing) a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will)
Synonyms: clause
Related terms: section rider arbitration_clause deductible escalator reserve_clause document
4. [ verb ] bind by a contract; esp. for a training period
Related terms: oblige
5. [ noun ] (Grammar) a determiner that may indicate the specificity of reference of a noun phrase
Related terms: determiner indefinite_article definite_article grammar
Similar spelling:   articled