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"aren" is probably misspelled. Trying arena instead Definition of arena

1. arena [ n ] a particular environment or walk of life
Examples: "his social sphere is limited" "it was a closed area of employment" "he's out of my orbit"

Used in print:

(John F. Hayward, "Mimesis and Symbol in the Arts"...)

Our most elemental and unavoidable impressions , he says , are those of being involved in a large arena of powers which have a longer past than our own , which are interrelated in a vast movement through the present toward the future .

Synonyms area field sphere domain arena orbit Related Terms environment front kingdom province political_arena preserve lap distaff

2. arena [ n ] a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments

Synonyms stadium sports_stadium arena bowl Related Terms structure ballpark circus skybox bullring amphitheater football_stadium hippodrome dome playing_field stand standing_room tiered_seats field_house

3. arena [ n ] the central area of an ancient Roman amphitheater where contests and spectacles were held; especially a sand-strewn area

Synonyms arena Related Terms area

4. Arena [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 6666

Synonyms Arena

5. arena [ n ] a playing field where sports events take place

Synonyms scene_of_action arena Related Terms playing_field circus

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