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Definition of arctica

"arctica" is probably misspelled. Trying arctic instead Definition of arctic

1. Arctic [ n ] the regions north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole

Used in print:

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

She carried , besides her captain , a crew of twenty-one and provisions for a voyage of exploration of the Arctic waters of North_America .

Second , they believed it important to determine the fate of the captain - a man whose name is permanently stamped on our maps , on American towns and counties , on a great American river , and on half a_million square_miles of Arctic seas .

Synonyms Arctic North_Frigid_Zone Arctic_Zone Related Terms Frigid_Zone

2. Arctic [ a ] at or near the north pole

Used in print:

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

Even Hudson , experienced in Arctic sailing and determined as he was , must have had qualms as he slid down the Thames .

Synonyms Arctic north-polar Related Terms polar

3. arctic [ a ] at or near the north pole

Synonyms arctic north-polar Related Terms polar

4. arctic [ a ] of or relating to the Arctic
Examples: "Arctic circle"

Synonyms arctic

5. arctic [ a ] extremely cold
Examples: "an arctic climate" "let's get inside I'm freezing" "a frigid day" "gelid waters of the North Atlantic" "glacial winds" "icy hands" "polar weather"

Synonyms icy frigid freezing glacial gelid polar arctic Related Terms cold

6. arctic [ n ] a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow

Synonyms galosh golosh rubber gumshoe arctic Related Terms overshoe

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