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Definition of aprove

"aprove" is probably misspelled. Trying approve instead Definition of approve

1. approve [ v ] give sanction to
Examples: "I approve of his educational policies"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The Georgia_Legislature will wind_up its 1961 session Monday and head for home - where some of the highway bond money it approved will follow shortly .

Before adjournment Monday afternoon , the Senate is expected to approve a study of the number of legislators allotted to rural and urban_areas to determine what adjustments should be made .

Vandiver likely will mention the $ 100 million highway bond issue approved earlier in the session as his first priority item .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

Senators unanimously approved Thursday the bill of Sen._George_Parkhouse of Dallas authorizing establishment of day_schools for the deaf in Dallas and the four other largest counties .

The Senate quickly whipped_through its meager fare of House bills approved by committees , passing the three on the calendar .

Synonyms approve sanction o.k. okay ok Related Terms disapprove authorize back confirm visa sanction blessing sanction OK approver approbation

2. approve [ v ] judge to be right or commendable; think well of

Used in print:

(George Harmon Coxe, Error of Judgement....)

Do you approve '' ?

Synonyms approve Related Terms disapprove judge rubberstamp approbation

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