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Definition of annal

"annal" is probably misspelled. Trying anal instead Definition of anal

1. anal [ a ] of or related to the anus
Examples: "anal thermometer"

Synonyms anal Related Terms anus

2. anal [ a ] (psychoanalysis) a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region; fixation at this stage is said to result in orderliness, meanness, stubbornness, compulsiveness, etc.

Synonyms anal Related Terms oral psychoanalysis

Rhymes with

annul panel channel flannel empanel impanel dismantle rational national shrapnel null final vinyl tunnel funnel chunnel phenol fennel kennel dental anal darnel gentle carnal cornel spinal parnell multinational transnational hexagonal octagonal irrational rational international national diagonal cantonal supranational seminal autumnal intentional unintentional sentinel unconventional dimensional conventional environmental transcendental colonel renal tonal vernal penal kernel venal journal retinal consonantal semifinal cardinal periodontal hormonal vaginal unprofessional nonprofessional obsessional professional processional confessional congressional internal infernal fractional nominal luminal terminal seasonal arsenal transcontinental developmental departmental occidental judgmental elemental instrumental supplemental detrimental incremental continental fundamental oriental monumental sentimental experimental accidental emotional occupational educational occasional sectional virginal nutritional divisional directional nontraditional devotional denominational navigational rotational correctional criminal conversational constitutional motivational representational transitional compositional connotational medicinal relational regional marginal traditional unemotional longitudinal coeducational recreational latitudinal cardinal juvenile jurisdictional provisional additional duodenal proportional abdominal invitational intestinal promotional aboriginal interpersonal instructional institutional inspirational phenomenal polygonal unconstitutional impersonal vocational delusional gravitational unconditional gastrointestinal generational original untraditional fictional optional organizational operational exceptional congregational confrontational sensational conditional computational doctrinal dysfunctional emotional hymnal functional diurnal atonal signal eternal communal bushnell maternal adrenal paternal duodenal nocturnal monoclonal external fraternal tribunal additional directional subliminal

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