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Definition of andhra

"andhra" is probably misspelled. Trying anthrax instead Definition of anthrax

1. anthrax [ n ] a species of Bacillus that causes anthrax in humans and in animals (cattle and swine and sheep and sheep and rabbits and mice and guinea pigs); can be used a bioweapon

Synonyms bacillus_anthracis anthrax Related Terms B bioarm

2. anthrax [ n ] a disease of humans that is not communicable; caused by infection with Bacillus anthracis followed by septicemia

Synonyms anthrax Related Terms disease anthrax_pneumonia cutaneous_anthrax

3. anthrax [ n ] a highly infectious animal disease (especially cattle and sheep); it can be transmitted to people

Synonyms splenic_fever anthrax Related Terms animal_disease zoonosis

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