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Definition of aleksandr

"aleksandr" is probably misspelled. Trying Alessandra instead Definition of Alessandra

1. Alessandra [ n ] Woman's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 3588

Synonyms Alessandra

Rhymes with

alexander alexander gander candor commander salamander sander lander pander lysander stander slander leander meander coriander grinder asunder contender minder bystander condor highlander lavender calendar under rounder sunder wander pounder ponder winder binder bounder sounder yonder launder wonder founder finder offender suspender oleander gerrymander attainder gender thunder plunder squander blunder blinder flounder engender transponder sidewinder hollander fender vendor bender lender sender render tender islander responder reminder zealander cofounder cinder tinder winder pathfinder weekender blender bartender spender slender bookbinder defender surrender cylinder splendor viewfinder rejoinder pretender hinder rejoinder remainder remainder cylinder

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