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Definition of alchol

"Alchol" is probably misspelled. Trying alcohol instead Definition of alcohol

1. alcohol [ n ] a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
Examples: "alcohol (or drink) ruined him"

Used in print:

(Hampton Stone, The Man Who Looked Death...)

Defining sobriety in the limited sense of being free from the clinical symptoms of the effects of alcohol ingested and not_yet eliminated from the system , you are sober .

He was freshly shaved , and if there had been any alcohol in him we could never have missed detecting some scent of_it on the massive gusts of his laughter .

Synonyms alcohol intoxicant drink inebriant alcoholic_beverage Related Terms beverage drug_of_abuse liquor wine brew sake pulque malt hooch home_brew proof_spirit nipa kava neutral_spirits aperitif cordial mixed_drink hard_cider perry rotgut koumiss spruce_beer alcoholise alcoholize

2. alcohol [ n ] any of a series of volatile hydroxyl compounds that are made from hydrocarbons by distillation

Synonyms alcohol Related Terms liquid glycerin ethyl_alcohol diol allyl_alcohol lauryl_alcohol amyl_alcohol butyl_alcohol isopropyl_alcohol propanol sterol cyclohexanol methanol

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