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Definition of afterall

"afterall" is probably misspelled. Trying after_all instead Definition of after_all

1. after_all [ r ] emphasizes something to be considered
Examples: "after all, she is your boss, so invite her" "he is, after all, our president"

Used in print:

(Mr. America, 4:6...)

After_all , a guy 's gotta have a_little ego !

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

After_all , the average American as he lies and waits for the enemy in Korea or as she scans the newspaper in some vain hope of personal contact with the front is unconcerned that his or her plight is the result of a complex of personal , economic and governmental actions far beyond the normal citizen 's comprehension and control .

After_all , the field is large , difficult to define and seldom taught properly to American undergraduates .

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

After_all , social life in the group of the bees is by_no_means general , although it certainly is a striking feature .

(Brand Blanshard, "The Emotive Theory," Robert...)

The suggestion that in saying something evil had occurred we were after_all making no mistake , because we had never meant anyhow to say anything about the past suffering , seems to me merely frivolous .

Synonyms after_all

2. after_all [ r ] in spite of expectations
Examples: "came to the party after all" "it didn't rain after all"

Used in print:

(Brainard Cheney, "Christianity and the Tragic Vision-Ut...)

During the decade that followed , the common_man , as that piece put it , grew uncomfortable as the Voice of God and fled from behind Saint_Woodrow_(_Wilson ) only to learn from Science , to his shocked relief that after_all there was no God he had to speak_for and that he was just an animal anyhow - that there was a chemical_formula for him , and that too much could n't be expected of him .

(Harry Olesker, Impact....)

She tried to think_of his unpredictable actions in the eleven years she had known him and discovered they were n't so many after_all .

(Ralph J. Salisbury, "On the Old Santa Fe Trail...)

Maybe I would beat old Herry to Siberia after_all .

Synonyms after_all

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